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2019 world JT quarlfy opening copy
April 13, 2019

Asia/Oceania Qualifying Completed for Places at World Junior Finals

One of 5 World Junior Tennis qualifying zones, Asia/Oceania final qualifying event, is now completed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the top 14/u players. The Boys event was from 1st April to 6th April, and the girls event was from 8th April to 13th April 2019.


A tennis coach is an important person in a youngster's tennis game. The coach is there to provide technical support and correction to the player. The coach also has to monitor the progress of the player and assist the youngster in achieving their goals. Further to that, the coach is a mentor to the player and a source of encouragement and support to the player, on and off court.


But, who can be the youngster's tennis coach. It could be a family member, a mother, father or uncle. Many professionals tennis players were once coached by family members and some still are. For example Rafael Nadal has been coached by his Uncle Toni since a young age. The Williams sisters were coached by their father Richard Williams when they were youngsters and he continued to do so during their professional career. A tennis coach could also be a friend, someone you know who likes to play tennis. The coach could also be a certified instructor with qualifications suitable for teaching your child. Not only that the parents could work with a professional instructor to help teach their child. 


The big question is "How do you choose a coach that is right for child?" There are many things you need to look at to find whether the coach is suitable or not. The first of them is the coach's technical knowledge. Will the coach be able to find errors in your child's game and fix them? Will the coach will able to build upon your child's current style of play?  The coach's technical understanding of the game is one of the major parts of being a coach and it is important that the coach has an adequate knowledge of tennis in order to teach it to your child.


The second aspect you need to consider is whether the coach will care for your child. Is your youngster in the best interest of the coach? Does the coach feel that he or she has a responsibility to care for and teach your child? One way which you can find out is by seeing whether the coach has a passion for tennis. Watch some of the lessons he or she conducts and notice how he communicates and interacts with the students. Is the coach friendly and approachable, or harsh and stern? It is crucial that the coach cares for your child in order for the child to have success.


The third aspect is whether the coach is organised and professional. The coach needs to be easy to communicate to and retrieve information from. The coach needs to be at lessons on time and have the correct equipment ready. When the coach is conducting lessons, does he dress properly and act professionally? Does he have a suitable coach to student ratio? Are the lessons planned out or just made up on the spot? The coaches organisational skills and professionalism will show whether coach is passionate about tennis and whether the coach will care for your child.


The final aspect is the whether the lessons are fun and enjoyable. This is extremely important for youngsters so that they can enjoy the game of tennis. The students need to be engaged on court and enjoy themselves. If the lessons are fun and enjoyable then the students will learn faster and develop a greater passion for the game.



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