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After your kids can hit some nice shots, you may need to train their footwork as well. Within every sport footwork is important and is a key to success. Footwork is extremely important in junior tennis. Whether your child may be playing for fun or playing a match, footwork is critical to success. It is important for youngsters to have good footwork as early as possible to build a strong foundation for the future. 

What are the benefits of having good footwork? 

Good footwork helps the player move to the good position faster and easier and it will allow the player to hit better shots. Their better footwork will be especially useful when playing matches. Kids with good footwork enjoy their matches because their footwork helps them to hit a greater amount of good shots and hit more winning balls. Without footwork, your technique will break down and lower your chances of winning. So footwork is essential as it builds a strong foundation for the player and is important for development.

In the beginning you can let kids try some simple and easy footwork drills. You can send your kids to take some footwork lessons, or you can teach your kids some footwork by referring to some books and watching videos. Nowadays there is plenty of tennis coaching videos available on the Internet, such as "YouTube", "Vimeo", etc. Below are some videos of agility ladder drills to improve your kids' footwork:

Where can you practice these footwork drills?

If you want to train your kid’s footwork by yourself, you can do this whenever you have time available. You can practice at home or in the park. You can set up a ladder in the backyard, in the garage or the living room and practice some footwork drills. 

On the tennis court, certainly, is another great place to practice footwork drills. You can set up the ladder before or after your normal tennis training session. You can even make it part of your session.

Let your kids have a try at footwork; you will find that they hit better balls and they will enjoy playing tennis more.

If you have seen good videos for footwork, please send the links to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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