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Too much tennis for a youngster playing tennis is not good. It is important for them to play a wide range of sports when they are young so that they can incorporate a wide range of skills into their tennis game. You might be thinking what other sports should my child play? Let’s see what other sports professional tennis players played when they were younger.


When Roger Federer was young he played a lot of soccer. Playing soccer will help improve your child’s speed and agility which are both important fitness components of tennis. Along with soccer the Swiss Maestro also played badminton and basketball to improve his hand-eye coordination. Andy Murray played a fair amount of soccer at a young age and was exceptionally good at it. At the age of 15 he was asked to train with Rangers Football Club at their School of Excellence but he declined to focus on his tennis. Rafael Nadal too played soccer and was a promising soccer player.

Li Na, a Chinese tennis player, played badminton up to the age of eight when her coach said that she showed a lot of promise in tennis. Lleyton Hewitt played Australian Football until he was 13 years old and then decided to concentrate more on tennis. Jim Courier was said to have excelled at youth sports in general but it became clear that tennis was his talent.

It can be seen that a wide variety of sports played helps the youngster to progress physically and develop the needed fitness attributes to excel in the game of tennis. It is encouraged that youth play a wide variety sports to avoid injury and burnout. Some research has recommended that 7-10 year olds play 40-50% of other sports, 7-12 year olds play 30% other sports, 12-15 year olds play 25-35% of other sport and 15-17 year olds play 25 % of other sports. For children it is vital that they have excellent hand-eye coordination, agility and speed for them to progress and enjoy playing tennis and some of these can be developed and enchance by playing various other sports. 

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