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One of the most important parts of your game should be your backhand. This article will explain to you how to hit a successful two handed backhand with both power and spin just like Novak Djokovic!

• Right Grip

You must start with the right grip. The recommended grip is a continental or chopper grip with the right hand and an eastern left hand grip for right handers and for left handers, it is the exact opposite with the hands.

Unit Turn and Preparation

As soon as the ball is coming, you turn your shoulders and hips back with the right shoulder towards the ball if you are right handed. You take the racquet back with both arms relaxed and loose. Your feet should be consistently making small adjustment steps until contact. Then you load on your back foot when the ball is about to be hit.

• Down and Forward Swing Path

As the ball approaches, you must take your racquet into a loose drop below the desired contact point while you load or coil on your back foot. After this you will start the forward swing phrase. The butt cap of the racquet should be facing towards the ball and net’s direction. You will bend down to adjust the height of contact then hit the ball.

• Weight Transfer

After loading on the back foot, you should start to coil back and make sure that your back is almost facing straight towards the net. When the ball is just about to come to contact you let all your weight go onto the front foot, causing the momentum now to go forward and this will help you to propel into the shot more to create huge power and spin.

• Contact Point

You should try to make contact around the desired strike zone so you can be as smooth as possible to create power. Bend your knees to adjust your height to be aligned pretty well with the contact point. Accelerate and propel yourself forward into the backhand shot to create maximum power. The angle that the face of your racquet is facing at contact will be where the ball goes after leaving your racquet.

• Follow through and Rotation

After the contact point, turn your forearm and wrist over to create some more spin. Still be relaxed throughout the follow through and you will naturally decelerate after contact and when you are reaching the end of the follow through. Finish the shot with both of your arms and racquet over your shoulder. While you are making your follow through, you should rotate and pivot after propelling yourself into the shot to get some more power, accuracy and spin.

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