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Agility, coordination, endurance and speed are some of the many key fundamental athletic requirements needed for tennis. These areas can be developed and improved on by playing sports other than tennis and may even speed up the developmental process. There are a vast variety of sports which will assist in the development of your child’s tennis. These are sports which your child can participate in when they are not playing tennis.

 The first sport is basketball. Basketball is played under similar conditions, being a high intensity sport. Playing basketball requires precise footwork and coordination, which is only acquired through practice. Playing basketball improves muscular endurance as it is played over a long period of time and requires a high level of concentration.

Another sport which helps your tennis is football, also known as soccer. Football too is a high intensity sport, which requires short bursts of speed, agility, stamina and coordination with the feet. Playing football requires you to keep a balanced posture to get to the ball, which is similar to running to a ball in tennis and keeping your balance as your hit the ball. Football too improves your speed and footwork as the game requires players to manoeuvre around other players with a ball at their feet and also a pace fast enough to get through defenders.

Hockey too is a sport which can build up your tennis game. Reacting to a hockey puck, is similar to reacting to a tennis ball, as it requires good timing, vision and also correct footwork to put you in the best position to receive and pass the puck. The hockey puck too is similar to the tennis ball as they are both small and fast moving, and also require adequate distance between the player and the puck to make good contact. There are also short, vigorous bursts of energy in the game to improve fitness and reaction time.

Table tennis too can improve your game as long as you are not playing it the same way you play tennis. When you play table tennis you need to know that the strokes are different, otherwise it will have a detrimental effect on your tennis. Table tennis helps you to recognise spin, slice, topspin and power. It also teaches you to be aware of your opponents positioning. Further it improves your coordination and reactions.

There are four sports mentioned here which can improve your youngster’s tennis game. Each sport helps in its own way, developing different athletic characteristics for your child. Playing these sports can improve your agility, speed, coordination, stamina and many other other aspects, which are vital for success in tennis. These sports can be played as warm-ups before tennis training or can be incorporated into lesson plans. All of this is further develops and strengthens a youngster’s tennis ability.

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