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Some little kids, such as 4 or 5 year olds, don't feel confident when they are starting to play tennis on court. It is hard for them to hit the balls, hard to the control racquet, and even when they hit the ball, they hit it somewhere else. All of these things make little kids lose confidence and lose interest to learn tennis!

But if you let your kids play Wii Tennis first, such as Virtua Tennis, they will start to feel that tennis is fun and when they play real tennis on the court, they will feel that tennis is familiar and they will be confident and have more interest in playing tennis on the court.

I have being coaching a boy (in the picture) since he was 5, when I first trained him I was surprised because it seemed like he already knew a lot of tennis things, such as technique, game rules and what the difference is between the top players, etc. Now this boy has won a lot tournaments in his age group from 6 to now 9.

As a supplementary tennis teaching method, I think Virtual Wii Tennis (VWT) has some benefits for kids to learn to play tennis easier and have fun.

1. VWT brings fun for kids to learn real tennis. VWT can be played at home anytime, it makes it easier for kids to pickup a racquet and start playing tennis. VT's interesting user interface and the ability to play with top tennis players make tennis feel fun and enjoyable.

2. VWT trains kids to have a big picture about how tennis works (sense of tennis). E.g. Understanding of match process; Familiarity with players on the court and how the two sides react with each other; Learn the tennis rules and even learn how to score the matches at an early age.

3. VWT trains the kid's initial ability to reactions and movement within the game of tennis; it trains kids to have a feeling of when to use the forehand, when to hit a backhand. When kids are playing VWT they are not holding a real racquet so they will concentrate more on the reaction instead of the actual stroke.

4. VWT is a new concept in kids tennis. The use of technology to teach kids tennis, such as Wii Tennis and YouTube is a kind of "off-court lesson" which enables kids to have a highly efficient memory and visual impression through interesting visual training.

If you have 4-5 years old kids and you want them to play tennis when they get older, have a try at Virtual Wii Tennis first and you will see that the result surprises you!

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